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A free and confidential service from NationJob, Inc. Now scouting for over 750,000 subscribers!
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Whether you're desperately seeking a new job now, happy with your current position but open to other opportunities, or if you just want to keep up on what's available in your field, NationJob's Personal Job Scout is for you.

Once you sign up for P.J. Scout, you have a dependable friend looking out for you. You just tell him exactly what you want, and whenever he finds a job opening of specific interest to you, he will e-mail you a detailed job description including "how to apply" information. Then you decide what you want to do: contact the employer directly, forward the opening to a friend, or nothing at all. You can always trust P.J. to be discreet--your personal information is never sent to employers.

If more than five new jobs match your preferences in a given week, P.J. will send you links to the job descriptions instead of the complete text. You'll be able to read the job titles, company names, and locations in the e-mail message, and then just click on the URL of the position you would like to view in detail. (If your e-mail isn't web-ready and doesn't show the URL's as underlined links, you can copy the URL from the e-mail message and paste it into your web browser instead). Each message will also remind you that you can view full descriptions of all of the jobs at You can use this URL to update your preferences or view the history on your account as well.

Does it work?
Check out quotes from satisfied (and employed!) subscribers on the P.J. Scout home page!

Here's how to get started: Enter a valid e-mail address. (If you do not have an e-mail address, click here to search jobs. P.J. won't be able to send you updates, but you can search our database whenever you like).

Use our comprehensive menu system and key-words to tell P.J. what types of job openings you are interested in (including type of position, location, salary, education level, etc.).

Within a few days you'll get a message from P.J. telling you that he is on the job, and he'll continue to keep you updated as long as your e-mail address remains valid. To change your job preferences or discontinue service, just return to our home page and select: Access your P.J. Scout account. It's that easy! As your faithful friend, P.J. wouldn't dream of charging you: his services are completely free!

Once you've got that email address, use it when you sign up for your PJ Scout account. You can then go to the same address to check for email from PJ, or from anyone else wants to talk to you!

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As long as you have access to the web, PJ can help you out. You can get a free email account from these reputable providers:
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